For runners, shoes, clothes, and a direction are all the tools you need. The world is at our fingertips. Gone are days of printing MapQuest papers or guessing the distance of your favorite running route. Technology has given us access to a world that is mapped, tracked, and traced with endless direction for you to travel. For the Nike AlphaFly Next% 2 we chose to dive deeper into examining what it might look like to see a pair of runners existing on a route within the digitally mapped world of Google Street View.



As fall marathon training and racing pick up we know there will be a glitch in the matrix here and there. Things tend to get complicated during the training cycles. We, as runners, start to worry about the perfect splits, exact route, magic mileage number, and the elixir in training. The beauty of running comes in the simplicity. Simplify your routine. Get back to the basics: Look both ways when you cross the street, don’t skip out on warm up/cool down, stretch a little, and have some fun on those newly mapped routes this Fall. Find the people that make you better and run with them more. We just need a pair of shoes, and place to run. Through this project we wanted to explore using the tools in our current toolbox in order to reach new heights. We turned to technology that is present with us everyday as a way to evaluate the running routine. 


Running was never supposed to be easy but every run stacks a new brick, making tomorrow easier.

Find your way of getting things done. 

Photo: Brendan Carroll 

Design: Ivan Alvarado

Production / Camera Assist: John Rice 

August 31, 2022 — Pam Hess