October 25, 2023

Interviewed by Pam Hess


Tell me about your background with Cricket...how did it all start?

I was introduced to Cricket probably in 4th or 5th grade at a school event in India and then soon after that I was part of the school team for the next few years till reaching 9th grade. After that we moved to the USA and then Cricket almost stopped. Occasionally, during college in Florida, when feeling nostalgic some of us would get the bat and ball out and play but nothing organized. Finally, I met a few players one day at a restaurant when I moved to Austin in 1997. A week later I joined them and ever since I have been playing regularly. We built a club that originally had 10 -15 players. We looked for a ground that we would lease from the county when we grew to be around 60 members in 2003. Now we have approx. 350 adult and 40 youth members. I have played the sport in Austin for approx 26 years now.



How often do you practice? How often are matches?

Our team is now part of the league and all the matches are organized by the league. We play pretty much throughout the whole year in heat and cold. There are matches every weekend but I play around a match every other weekend. The practice is once a weekday for me and sometimes on the weekend if I'm not playing a match.


Do you run? If so, does it help you in the sport of cricket?

Running is an integral part of the game. Fielding, catching and taking runs all depends on the fitness level. Running during warmups and drills are crucial parts of maintaining that fitness level.



For me... I love running for lots of reasons but a huge part of it is the community of people I get to do it with. Would you say there's a similar bond you have with your cricket community?

Absolutely, This sport has connected me to lots of folks over the years and they have become lifelong friends. This is definitely a plus point of being part of group or family that connects one to other people.



What do you like most about the sport? Has it impacted you life at all?

There are aspects of this sport that have parallels in the real file. Being part of a team teaches you lots about your own personality and how to work with others based on their personalities. The same can be applied to the personal or the work life as well. Overall it teaches patience, collaboration and understanding in any relationship.

October 25, 2023 — Pam Hess