The Loop Running Supply is the sum of the whole. The fabrics of our community are woven together through people and their stories as they pass through our runners’ oasis, nestled up against the Town Lake trail. Over the last 2 years we listened to the thousands of people who came to us as they prepared for their next run; and we saw a glimpse into our communities’ why. We’ve been so proud to watch our people qualify for Olympic Trials and Boston Marathons. Together we’ve run our first 50k or our first 5k. We’ve learned how unique running can be; not governed by a referee or a goalpost but by the limitations of our mind. We learned that in order to push our body, we need to jog our mind. 


So we created this capsule, and leaned on the people in our community to help us express what it means to us. Chris, Andrew, Jaime, and Valery allowed us to pull back the curtain just a bit and peak into what makes their clock tick. “Where does your mind go when you run?”


“My mind fuels my runs. Finding inspiration in the scenery, the sounds, all that is around me”

From Comedor Run Club and The Loop group runs’ to touring alongside some of the world’s biggest artists, Christopher is no stranger to new scenery and sounds. The opening act of his  journal entry is a Bruce Springsteen line: “IN THE DAY WE SWEAT OUT ON THE STREETS IN A RUNAWAY AMERICAN DREAM.” Find your drumbeat and go! 







Our staff has been seeing Andrew doing marathon preparation repeats at Austin High Track since he moved to our city earlier this year. We’ve gotten to know him through Loop group runs on Tuesday and Thursday nights. When asked to express where his mind goes on a run he gave a subtle, yet understanding nod and offered a beautifully concise piece of wisdom for any runner going through the ebbs and flows of our sport. Stay in the moment and your steadfast mindset will take you farther than you ever thought possible. ‘BE HERE NOW’



“Running to me is clarity”

Ryan epitomizes applying the hard learned lessons of running to daily life. His nose is on the grindstone and running is his release. With each step, the endorphins clear the mind and provide the clarity needed to build The Loop community. We practice what we preach because we know how impactful it can be!


Our ‘Jog Your Mind’ collection was always meant to invoke a thoughtful reflection into what running means to you. The beauty of this game is in the process. 


Photography by Brendan Carroll 

Words by The Loop 

Modeled by Andrew Craig, Valery Tobias, Ryan Hess and Jaime Rauso


December 06, 2021 — Pam Hess