Cloud Merino T-Shirt — Indigo

By Satisfy



Our CloudMerino™ T-Shirt is versatile and resilient in all types of weather and conditions. On warm runs, the finely knit fabric lifts sweat off your body to keep you cool, while the creases of the wool retain your body heat in the cold. Unlike most fabrics, even when CloudMerino™ is wet, it will keep you warm.

Dyed by hand using the traditional Japanese shibori method, this top is thoughtfully tie-dyed to reflect and complement the color palettes found during trail runs.


- CloudMerino™
CloudMerino™ is made in Japan from 100% Merino Optimo wool. The factory was founded in 1964 and is know for its high gauge jersey and innovative natural fabrics. The wool's porous fibers lift sweat away from your skin so you never feel clammy on a run and dries quickly in wet conditions since the creases of the wool trap your body's heat. Finely knitted, CloudMerino™ is ultralight weight, silky soft and naturally odor resistant.

- Raw hems
Raw hems ensure extra fabric doesn't rub against your skin and reduce the weight of the shirt.


- Made and hand dyed in Japan.

- Detachable exterior branding and care label
Tear along the perforated edge to remove the bottom portion of the label. The top part will remain on the garment.

Composition and Care:

CloudMerino™ / Origin Japan
- 100% Merino Optimo wool


Ethically produced in Japan.