Hot Weather T — Mint

$48.50 $115.00


Everything a t-shirt does, but better equipped for the heat. Designed to wick sweat fast, we’ve worked with a dual fabric construction on this Hot Weather Tee, going for an impossibly light open-weave 3D mesh on the torso and a more protective closed fabric to provide UPF 50 protection against the sun’s UV rays on the sleeves, shoulders and upper back.

It’s a tee that does the hard work for you, engineered to eliminate excessive energy that you would otherwise be using to stay cool. Let it breathe and vent in sync with your run, keeping you cool, comfortable and protected when the sun’s beating down on the streets, track and trails.


  • Lightweight - Low-weight fabric and minimised construction ensures you hardly notice the garment on the run.
  • Sweat Wicking - Draws sweat away from the body - fast.
  • Breathable - Fabric allows air and sweat to escape, keeping you cool on the run.
  • Functional - Designed to optimise on-run utility.