Cloudmonster 2

By On


New Updated Version for the CloudMonster! 

At the heart of the Cloudmonster 2 is On’s signature CloudTec technology, which is softer than ever with a higher stack height, increasing from 29 mm to 35 mm, using a new dual-density Helion super foam while still keeping the 6 mm drop from the OG Cloudmonster to deliver maximum cushioning and responsiveness. The unique hollow pods that provide cushioning in On’s shoes have been made even larger in the Cloudmonster 2, ensuring a bouncy experience with every step.

On developed the Cloudmonster 2 from mostly recycled materials. The shoe is now made from 82 per cent recycled polyester, with the upper mesh crafted entirely from 100 per cent recycled polyester.

The Cloudmonster 2 is designed for maximum propulsion, thanks to its redesigned Speedboard made from a nylon blend. This innovative component enhances a runner’s efficiency by optimizing energy return from the midfoot to the forefoot, resulting in a smoother and more powerful stride. The previous version set a new standard for daily training shoes, and the Cloudmonster 2 takes it even further with this reshaped Speedboard in combination with the Helion super foam.


Category: Neutral Cushioning
Weight: 300 g (US M9), 230 g (US W7.5)
Drop: 6 mm (35 mm heel stack)