Joy Ride Sport Sunglasses - Cat

$175.00 $250.00
By Vada


Introducing Joggy × VADA: Joy Ride sport sunglasses.

Vada teamed up with our friends at Joggy to bring you a limited edition, performance eyewear collection designed by their communities on TYB.

Specially handcrafted in Japan, these frames are made specifically for movement and motion featuring Rilsan® Clear G 850 Rnew, a cutting-edge bio-based polymer derived from castor oil (not petroleum) which has a lower carbon footprint when compared to petroleum based eyewear.

Not only does it contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, but it also enables the creation of frames that are incredibly light and exceptionally flexible, adapting seamlessly to your every move.

With the Joy Ride collection, you can expect unparalleled comfort and outstanding durability.

This collection represents the perfect fusion of style, performance, and sustainability.