MothTech T-Shirt

By Satisfy


It's OK to run in cotton. With its signature Moth Eaten holes for ventilation, this is our go-to shirt for running, training, and everything in between


Moth Eaten holes are body mapped on to over-washed combed cotton for strategic ventilation with a special focus on the chest and mid-back. The holes shift over time to create a unique personal ventilation system. Breathable and versatile, these shirts only wear better as they age.


- Signature Moth Eaten holes.

- Hidden inner key pocket.
- Detachable exterior branding and care label.
- Tear along the perforated edge to remove the bottom portion of the label. The top part will remain on the garment

Composition & Care

- Overwashed Organic & Recycled Cotton Blend / Origin Portugal
- 100% cotton

- Ethically produced in Portugal.