Zoom Fly 5 — EK

By Nike


Eliud Kipchoge believes there are no limits to his potential — or yours. In a design inspired by the ethos of the eminent Kipchoge, personal touches from the GOAT himself remind you to keep reaching for more. This shoe offers comfort and reliability but with a propulsive sensation that’ll help you feel fast and fresh. That kind of versatility is uncommon in the running arena. But who said you can’t have it all?

Breaking Barriers

Eliud Kipchoge believes you can break through your own expectations. Father Time? Defeat it. Proverbial performance walls? Nothing but figments of others’ imagination. Retirement? Laughable. This unique look is inspired by Kipchoge’s record-breaking performance in the 5K 2 decades ago, when he was wearing the Zoom Miler with the white base and red stripe through the Swoosh.

Keep Going, Kipchoge!

A special “Kipchoge-ism” sits on the left sockliner while his record time and locale of ground-breaking performance sit on the right sockliner. EK’s initials stamp this ode to an immortal who continues to hunt down greatness.

More Bounce

Newly implemented ZoomX foam in the midsole takes an already respected, trusted shoe to another performance level that wasn’t present in the Zoom Fly 4. The addition makes for a lighter, more responsive cushioning system. Take advantage of these all-purpose traits that help you run easier, faster and have more fun on your runs.

Stability Where You Need It

Both the forefoot and heel offer slightly wider bases for a stable platform, so you can tackle turns and long runs with confidence.

Stay in Rhythm

Full-length articulated plate delivers a propulsive sensation and a smooth transition at a variety of paces. The plate provides a sort of roll-forward feel that makes you want to take on the next step.

The upper is made with lightweight mesh for a softer, more breathable feel that conforms to your foot.

Dynamic lace-up fit and supportive containment in the midfoot wrap around your foot for a contoured and secure fit.